Dahua Easy Installation: Simple, Quick and User-friendly Installation

Installation is a significant part of any monitoring camera. It is something that installers need to carefully consider and think about before purchasing any equipment. The camera structures may affect the steps required to complete the task, the cost that can be incurred, the number of people needed, etc.

As a world-leading video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, Dahua has a lot in store for us in terms of making camera installation simple, quick and user-friendly. Its recently launched 5E initiative focuses on user-centered design and aims to provide customers with efficient operations, cost reduction, security guarantees, and value enhancement. Easy Installation, one of Dahua 5E’s key components, refers to easy hardware installation and easy software deployment. For hardware, Dahua constantly optimizes their structural design, tools requirements, guide materials, process safety, etc., so as to improve the hardware's ease of installation. For software, Dahua continuously optimizes their accessibility, flexibility, complexity, and correctness, thus enhancing the easy installation of software products.

Here are some of the highlights of Dahua 5E’s Easy Installation:

Dahua PTZ

Pain Points:

  • Different installation requires different brackets. Typically, only wall brackets are included in the product accessories; the ceiling mounting brackets need to be purchased separately. Agents must store both of these brackets, which occupies significant warehouse storage space and incurs more transportation cost. Installers need to confirm the installation position first to be able to select a suitable bracket type.
  • Installation of dome camera is complex. When installing dome cameras. Installing a ceiling-mounted dome camera generally needs to disassemble the cover, fix the equipment with the top wall using screws, and then install and fix the ball cover. This with no doubt takes a long time to complete. What’s more, water vapors may enter the device during installation, making the video blurry and unclear.


  • 2-in-1 Bracket. It supports both ceiling and wall mounting, reducing warehousing and transportation costs and enabling installers to install PTZ cameras using just one bracket regardless of the application scenario.
  • Quick-to-Install Structure. The quick-to-install metal plate and fastener eliminate the need to disassemble the dome cover, reducing installation steps, increasing work efficiency, and reducing the risk of having water vapor inside the camera.
  • Remote Adjustment. The PTZ system supports remote camera adjustment for optimal monitoring range. No need for manual angle adjustment on site.

Application Scenarios: retail store, villa

Dahua IPC

Pain Points:

  • The structure of certain products require relatively more manpower to install. Inflexible structural design may consume more installation time. Also, cameras used in special scenarios cannot be adjusted in three axes and are not adaptable for various mounting planes.


  • Quick-to-Install Eyeball Structure. It offers a fastener design that does not require additional screws, and a clip design that prevents the camera from falling during installation. It is also equipped with a tightening screw that can be used to fasten the camera enclosure, camera body and base structure together, which helps stabilize the device and prevent unnecessary movements. In addition, with just a single tightening screw, the entire camera can be locked to the quick-mount panel base to prevent it from being stolen.
  • IP Adjustable Three-axis Structure. The body of the camera presents a spherical design, enabling it to be flexibly adjusted through tilt and rotation. Also, the circular design of the enclosure can be adjusted through unlimited pan direction. Overall, the camera is adjustable in three axes, enabling it to be easily installed in a wide range of complex and uneven mounting planes.

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